Fundraising FAQ

Project Travel is expanding our fundraising site in 2014! We will continue to offer online fundraising to existing Project Starters and Community. If you have questions about the fundraising feature let's talk!

Fundraising online helps you raise money for educational travel and also informs your community about your goals & plans. Did you know that online fundraising helps you develop skills in digital storytelling? Include a successful fundraising Project on your resume!

Anyone raising money and support for an educational travel experience through a school or organization can be a Project Starter. Our focus is students and recent graduates, but Project Travel is appropriate for program participants of all ages.

At this time, only US citizens and residents are able to raise money using Project Travel.

Educational travel includes travel through an institution or organization, like study abroad, volunteer, intern, teach, service-learning, language & cultural exchanges, missions, au pair, work abroad, and many more.

Personal travel is great but Project Travel is building a community that supports educational travel specifically.

Nope! As long as we can verify that you have submitted a program application, your Project page will open for funding.

That’s okay! If you need to switch your program, contact your Project Advisor, and update your Project to reflect the change.

Start a Project and follow the steps to complete your profile & launch your Project in your community. Your Project Advisor and our free resources are there to help you.

A Project Advisor is a member of the Project Travel team who has personal and professional knowledge and experience in educational travel, student advising, and fundraising. They are there to help you get started and be successful with your Project.

You can begin a Project right away. Once we confirm with your program provider that you have submitted an initial application, your Project will open for funding.

When you reach $500 of your goal, you get to keep whatever money you raise and apply it towards your program related expenses. If you do not reach $500, your supporter’s credit cards will not be charged.

Absolutely! Project Starters use every financial resource available to fund their educational travel.

We recommend you open your Project for 30-45 days, however, you can open it for up to 120 days.

A never-ending Project will not help you raise more money. However, staying active with your Project within a specific period of time motivates you and your supporters to reach your Project goal.

As soon as you reach $500 of your goal, you can access to your funds by transferring money from your WePay account and use them to pay for your educational travel related expenses.

Your community! Everyone defines their community differently but it may include friends, family, co-workers, peers, networks and associations, student clubs and organizations, local businesses, and many others!

Yes. Project Starters and supporters will receive an e-mail confirmation. You can also check the project page for instant supporter updates.

It is free to start a Project. Project Travel takes a 5.5% fee on every donation made and WePay charges a 2.9% fee + $0.30 per transaction. For example, on a $100 donation, WePay retains $3.20 and Project Travel retains $5.50.

The small fee retained by Project Travel makes it possible for us to continue to help Project Starters raise money for educational travel experiences. Our full-time staff are constantly working to improve our website, develop new features & resources, collaborate with organizations and institutional partners, and provide the one-on-one Project Advising you enjoy. WePay determines their own fees for using their secure transaction service.

It is possible to start more than one Project at separate times. (E.g. You recently returned from a study abroad program and now want to start a Project for a volunteer program next summer!) If you are participating in back-to-back programs, it is recommended to start one Project to raise money for both programs.

Giving is simple and secure. Once a Project is ready for funding, you can click the “Give” button and submit the requested information to push them a little closer to their goal.

If you do not see the ‘Give’ button, this means a Project is pending program verification and will be open for funding soon. Stay tuned!

Supporter credit cards will not be charged unless and until the Project Starter has reached $500 of their total funding goal. Once they reach $500, they will receive your gift immediately, however you may not see the transaction clear for several business days depending on your credit card company. The transaction ID will state 'WePay'.

Yes. Both parties will receive a confirmation email detailing the amount of the gift and the name of the supporter.

If you wish to give anonymously, do not include your name on the supporter information page (or type ‘anonymous’ where a name is asked for). Your name will not appear on the Project Starter’s supporter section. However, a full name is required for the credit card processing section and the name of the credit card holder will be included in the confirmation email to the Project Starter.

When Project Travel is notified of a cancellation the Project page will close for funding. If the Project Starter withdraws from their program before they reach $500, supporter credit cards will not be charged. If the Project Starter withdraws from their program after they reach $500, it is their responsibility to return the funds to supporters. Legally, funds are considered a gift for the recipient.

Congratulate yourself for sharing some joy! You will receive a payment confirmation in your email.

Support a Project Starter by sharing their Project page with your friends and invite your community to get involved! Track the Project Starter’s progress and updates and drop them a line to encourage them in their journey.

No. Donations to Project Starters are considered a gift to an individual and are not tax deductible.

Project Travel offers online fundraising exclusively to participants going on programs through academic institutions, organizations, and non-profits. We contact you to confirm that a Project Starter has submitted an application to your organization before we open their Project for funding. Project Starters have access to funds only after they reach $500 of their total funding goal.

Project Starters have access to a Project Advisor who supports them in reaching their goals. Resources on educational travel and peer-funding are also available on our blog and emailed to Project Starters throughout the process.

Yes. Let’s talk about it. Contact us at to learn more or visit About Us to see who is already in our community.

Let's talk about how your organization can support educational travel. Contact us at